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Advantages of Wire Mesh

Steel wire mesh is an extremely versatile material that gives itself to fabrication into an almost limitless range of applications. Not surprisingly, humankind has borrowed this perfect form from the natural world.

MS Guardio sells products made from two kinds of wire mesh. Most of our standard every day radiator guards, light guards and so on are made from steel welded mesh, a light, strong material that is perfect for these applications. We also sell products made from heavier duty hand-woven steel wire mesh for applications as diverse as machine guards and church window guards.

Guards and grilles made from wire mesh are

  • ž Flexible yet strong
  • ž Lightweight
  • ž Do not interfere with heat circulation or light emission
  • ž Can be coated in a range of finishes and colours for different applications, for indoor and outdoor use

For more information please see our article on materials and coatings.

MS Guardio product range

A wide range of wire mesh products are available from MS Guardio and our experts are always checking and expanding the range of wire mesh grilles, mesh cages and other products available. If you can’t find what you need, please contact us for advice or to quote for a customised guard product.

Tubular heater guards

MS Guardio supplies two ranges of tubular heater guard.

MS Guardio tube heater guards are available for all the leading tubular heaters including Thermotubes and Dimplex. See our tubular heater guard page for more information.

MS Guardio tubular wire mesh heater guards include doubles, trebles and quads for banks of more than one heater.

Radiator guards

MS Guardio heater guards are available for all the leading brands and types of heater and radiator.

You can find wire mesh grilles for storage heaters, combination heaters, panel heaters, convector heaters, quartz heaters, ceramic heaters, electric radiators and more.

There are grilles for both wall mounted and floor standing heaters. See our radiator guard page for more information.

Light guards and sensor guards

MS Guardio supplies a range of wire mesh cages for fluorescent lights, floodlights, bulkheads, PIR sensors and so on.

Wire mesh cages protect sensitive fittings from accidental (and non-accidental) damage and discourage tampering.

The guards come in a choice of white powder coated finish (for indoor use) and hot dip galvanised finish (for outdoor use). See our Light and Sensor Guard page for more information.

Wire mesh lockers

MS Guardio supplies a range of wire mesh lockers in a variety of configurations. Mesh lockers are used in schools, warehouses, construction sites and so on.

Wire mesh security lockers keeps the contents of the compartments visible, discouraging theft and vandalism.

The wire mesh locker allows good air circulation, perfect for keeping clothes dry. Excellent ventilation will also help to keep the contents fresh and odour free.

MS Guardio key product benefits – tubular heater guards

MS Guardio sources tubular heater guards from AIANO, the tubular heater guard experts, which means that they are made to suit tubular heaters rather than a ’one size fits all’ approach that is taken by some companies that do not specialise in wire guards. Tubular heater guards from MS Guardio are:

  • The best possible fit – better than universal guards
  • Have optimum circulation – better than perforated metal
  • Minimum wall space – the design is compact and takes less wall space
  • Flexible installation – the moveable clips mean the fixings can be positioned anywhere on the frame

MS Guardio key product benefits – radiator guards

MS Guardio sources radiator guards from AIANO, the radiator guard experts, who have been designing and manufacturing radiator guards for as long as they have been required.

AIANO wire mesh radiator guards are the only radiator guards recommended by the Glen Dimplex Group of companies and featured on the Dimplex website.

Radiator guards from MS Guardio:

  • Have excellent heat circulation from the open mesh design
  • Have an attractive epoxy powder coated finish – other colours available on request
  • Made in the UK  from British and European steel
  • Clearance between the radiator and guard varies from product to product depending on type of heater to ensure controlled surface temperature
  • Recommended by Dimplex

MS Guardio key product benefits – light guards and sensor guards

MS Guardio offers a wide of light guard and sensor guard products suitable for batten fittings, floodlights, bulkhead lights, motion detectors and so on. We continue to add regularly to the choice of standard products on offer, but if you cannot find what you are looking for MS Guardio can supply customised wire guards for all kinds of light fittings.

Light guards from MS Guardio:

  • The open mesh design  –  does not interfere with the functioning of the light fitting
  • Products have an attractive epoxy powder coated finish (for indoor use) – other colours available on request
  • Hot-dip galvanised for outdoor use –better protection against corrosion than electroplating or electrogalvanising
  • Made in the UK from British and European steel
  • Special design service available – brackets or special fixings for mounting light fittings fixed to beams, cable trunking or pole mounted

 MS Guardio site services and customised guard products

We offer customers a wide choice of coatings, colours, shapes, sizes, specifications and design solutions to find the optimum guard solution for your specific environment, requirement and budget.

For complex custom-made solutions, we can arrange additional services:

  • Design
  • Site survey and templates
  • Fixing and installation

If you would like help with a site survey or installing your guards, contact us for a quotation today at [email protected]dio.com.

 MS Guardio offers site services on request
 MS Guardio can organise site services on request, including measuring up radiator guards and fitting the guards.


For more information about our site services or a quote email us today with your enquiry at [email protected]

An engineer fitting a panel heater guard at a school in Hertfordshire
MS Guardio offers bespoke and customised guard solutions
 MS Guardio can supply customised solutions for a wide range of products from projector guards to machine guards.


For more information see our bespoke services page or email us with your enquiry at [email protected]

A machine guard made from hand woven mesh

AIANO mesh guards and mesh cages brought to you by MS Guardio are:

  • Strong reliable products built to last
  • Made in Britain
  • Made from British and European steel
  • Outdoor guards are hot dip galvanised (not electroplated), which provides the best protection against corrosion
  • Bespoke service available for customised guard solutions